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“Hi, I’m sure you’re already aware of this but I felt that it was important to let you know what a great job Paula does. She Provides a thorough explanation about treatments, and makes each session as comfortable as possible. In addition, her nutritional hints and ideas are very motivational. She has given me some great tips about eating in moderation and substituting certain foods for other foods containing more fat and carbohydrates. I am now determined to follow a healthy diet and stick to a daily exercise program. Another plus is that Paula is very easy to talk to and that makes the time go by quickly. By the way, I started at a size 12 and I just bought size 6 shorts! Thanks Paula! Thanks for your time.”

-An extremely satisfied Cavi-Lipo client


“This place was great. The technician was super sweet . I will definitely be returning.”

 -Jaclyn Buckley


“Very nice personnel and enjoyable experience. Technician very knowledgeable.”

  -Linda Scutzlas


“Great first visit! Thank you!”

  -Yudi Kerbel

I went to the new RejuvaNew You Spa today and indulged in a therapeutic massage with Teresa.  To say it was wonderful would be an understatement!  My therapist was polite, friendly and welcoming….not to mention a superb technician!  This quaint little Spa is a welcoming oasis in the community.  Can’t wait to go back!

  -Candace P.


I have a busy work load that takes a tremendous toll on my body. To keep my mind body a spirit it great shape I seek out the care and bodywork of Sean Jones. His is a dedicated professional who has perfected his craft and this results are always amazing. I feel refreshed and recharged after every session. I trust him to help my body run at peak performance and he always seems to perceive exactly what I need to heal. I feel blessed to have such a talented authentic wise person on my care team. I personally recommend Sean to anyone who values top notch quality care. As a professional massage therapist I take my own care very seriously. I have been truly impressed by Sean’s approaches to the body and feel that he is an asset to the field.



At time of birth we all enter this world with a given gift to best contribute in our growth and the growth of the ones who cross our path on this earthly journey. Only few of us are likely to unveil and unfold and manifest to the fullest such given gift. Definitely Sean is one of them. I have been a true believer of his work for over 10years . Our body is our main vehicle and it will be there for you to take you here and there and everywhere if we only treat it with respect and take care of it . Sean is one of my key people that has contributed in maintaining my body in optimum condition with his knowledge and the ability to deliver not just a precise personalized massage but his spiritual healing approach. Time to time when i ‘d-rail ‘ from my scheduled appointments my body just goes out of wack. To me a massage it is not just a luxurious trivial appointment, but a necessity , just like we need oxigen to breathe, our body needs to be cared ,balanced ,aligned and at times even healed . Sean you are blessed and consider yourself lucky for such a given gift as i consider myself lucky as well for having you in my life. Thank you for your true caring .

-Peace Alberto

One infrared lightening treatment and my long term pain felt better…...Going for the massage treatments to help out as well. Great place and great people!!

-Jennifer Knight

This spa is amazing! The staff is so kind, personable, understandin and helpful. I had laser hair removal done and have seen a huge improvement and all of my unwanted hair is gone! I would recommend this wonderful place to anyone who is also on a budget looking for great results ;)-
-Andrea Groch

My massage was wonderful.

-Deborah S

Paula is great at what she does!

-Linda M

Good experience I’ll be back!

-Carol A
They were very friendly and knowledgeable and I would recommend them to anyone wanted the services they offer.

-JoAnne W
  Paula was awesome! And the results immediate! Can’t wait for my next session.

-Jen W

“In a word – wonderful. very friendly and professional, Paula explained everything to me very carefully so my first Laser treatment was a breeze, I can’t believe I waited so long to do this, I highly recommend this spa for Laser

-Jaclyn B
This place was great. The technician was super sweet . I will definitely be returning.

-Linda S
Very nice personnel and enjoyable experience. Technician very knowledgeable.

-Aya H
Great first visit! Thank you!

-Yudi K
The massage was great.

-Beth R